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i-Lift , a revolutionary skin rejuvenation technique offered in San Antonio and Boerne

i-Lift TM , a revolutionary non-invasive face lift technique combined with laser skin rejuvenation

One the best treatment options for tightening the skin  around the mouth, eyes and the chin areas offered by dermatologists at Texas institute of Dermatology
i-Lift ™ before and after for wrinkles and sagged skin around mouth and eyes‎, one of the best skin rejuvenation techniques offered in San Antonio
 Are you interested in getting rid of wrinkles around your mouth (marionette lines), and eyes without going through a surgery? If you looking for a long term solution, our dermatology experts at Texas Institute of Dermatology may have an excellent solution for your sun-damaged and wrinkled skin i-Lift ™. 
i-Lift is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation method using a new mixture of fine chemical products among others to produce a deeper penetration into the skin without need of surgery or cutting the skin. i-Lift peel is a deep rejuvenation of the skin extending down to the middle part of the dermis. This special chemical skin rejuvenation results in an inflammatory response in the deeper layers of the skin (reticular dermis) which promotes a significant amount of new collagen production far more than a Co2 laser based on research studies.  The i-Lift is a full skin rejuvenation system that make the wrinkles and age spots disappear,  or significantly less apparent.  i-Lift is used to treat rythides (skin wrinkles),  pigmented spots, acne scarring, and deep lines on the upper lip, chin and cheeks.  Appropriate analgesics are provided prior to the procedure that may be combined with oral analgesics and anxiolytics.
Experiments on photoaged skin shows an increase in dermal thickness. All treatment groups with deep peel showed reorganization of dermal collagen, loss of elastotic masses (sign of aged skin) and reorganization of the entire elastic network.
Risks associated with i-Lift tend to be directly related to dermatologist's experience and quality of products used as well as the skin type among others.

i-Lift ™ offered by Dermatologists at Texas Institute of Dermatology San Antonio Boerne Skin Rejuvenation Clinic for treatment of Aged Skin and Wrinkles
i-Lift ™ before and after, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and skin resurfacing are achieved by this skin rejuvenation technique

Am I a good candidate for i-Lift at Texas Institute of Dermatology?

i-Lift is usually performed for cosmetic reasons like removing aged spots or wrinkled skin. Our dermatologists may also recommend it for precancerous spots (actinic keratosis) or Acne scars.  

i-Lift may be appropriate for: 

  • Aged spots on face
  • Acne scars on face
  • Some benign or precancerous growths on face
  • Fine and deep wrinkles
  • Full thickness skin rejuvenation

How do I prepare myself for i-Lift ?

Depending on your skin type, your preparation may be different. 
Dr. Ghohestani recommends use of sunblock, a bleaching cream, Retin-A (that is derived from Vitamin A) or AHA cream about 4 weeks before the procedure.  
You may need someone to take you home following the procedure. Additionally, you may need someone to assist you at home for a day or two following the i-Lift procedure. Topical or local anesthesia and nerve block are usually used before i-Lift ™. Valtrex or similar meds may be given to prevent any recurrence of herpes infection (fever blister). You need to discuss with our dermatologist if you are pregnant or have a history of any heart disease, herpes infection or a recent isotretinoin administration. 

How is  i-Lift  performed?

 i-Lift  at Texas Institute of Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery is usually performed as outpatient cosmetic procedure.   The dermatologist applies a solution onto the skin. These chemicals produce a well controlled wound at the desired skin  level followed by the appearance of regenerated skin that will cover the wound in few days.
Usually, patients experience a hot sensation that may last minutes to hours  followed by a stinging sensation. Cool compresses may be applied to help alleviate this stinging sensation.  Pain medication may be required during or after the procedure.

What results can I expect from  i-Lift ?

i-Lift ™ before and after
The results from your  i-Lift  depend on your skin type. Most patients are very pleased with a dramatic change that they notice after an i-Lift .

i-Lift   usually lead to dramatic improvement in the surface of your skin, an excellent option to get rid of wrinkles, blemishes and getting an even-toned skin. These results on your face will be long-lasting, although not resistant to the effects of skin aging and sun exposure. Sun protection is key to avoid sun damaged skin.

A follow-up visit at Texas Institute of Dermatology is perhaps the best way to ensure a long-lasting rejuvenation process for your skin.

What is involved in recovery?

 Temporary flaking or scaling, swelling, redness and dryness of the skin are common. However, these conditions will disappear as your skin heals over few days to weeks.
You will need someone to help you for a day or two following your  i-Lift  treatment. A liquid diet and limited talking during the first few days of recovery is recommended.

What is the difference between i-Lift and liquid lift?

  Liquid face lift refers to injection of advanced volumizing fillers with Botox for treatment of dynamic wrinkles and volume loss. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma, Restylane and Radiesse temporarily (6-18 months) lift and contour the facial features such as cheeks, and jowl. While liquid face lift is a great option for volume loss (temporarily between 6 to 18 months), it does not offer any skin rejuvenation. i-Lift not only rejuvenate the entire skin surface but also offers a permanent solution for treatment of wrinkled and sagged skin. Therefore, i-Lift is superior to liquid face lift and by far incomparable to other available cosmetic procedures.

How safe is  i-Lift ?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, there are risks associated with  i-Lift Possible side effects and complications from  i-Lift include:
  • Redness (erythema)
  • Prolonged color changes in the skin (lightening or darkening)
  • Flaking and scaling
  • Swelling (edema)  
  • Scarring
  • Allergic reaction  
  • Infection ( usually herpes outbreaks that can be prevented by taking Valtrex)
  • Increased skin sensitivity to sunlight

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Why Choose Texas Institute of Dermatology for  i-Lift ™ ?

Most cosmetic procedures including  i-Lift  are performed or closely supervised by Dr. Ghohestani, a renowned dermatologist, or one of his associates. The Institute uses the latest technology and highest quality products designed skin rejuvenation.  For more information, please call 210-698-6777 and talk to one of our specialist or visit our website at The Institute offers state-of-the art techniques for skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation, including Botox, Fillers, Renew 360, Fractional Co2 laser, radiofrequency skin tightening, AFT.