Sunday, December 25, 2016

I live in San Antonio; is Botox or Dysport a good option for my facial wrinkles?

BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin injectables are great options for treatment of Wrinkles
Texas Institute of Dermatology is a Top Botox Injector in San Antonio and Boerne 

San Antonio Botox Clinic Offers Botox Dysport injections for forehead, around eyes, glabellar, 11s, neck.
BOTOX Injections: Actual Patient Treated by our Dermatologist. BOTOX  cosmetic is a great option for lines on forehead and 11s (between eyebrows)
Nowadays, almost every San Antonio and Boerne citizen knows a friend, a loved one or a celebrity who has received BOTOX, Dysport or Xeomin injection. BOTOX, Dysport and Xeomin only relax muscles located deep under the skin. They are all acting similarly on nerves, said Dr Ghohestani, a renowned dermatologist and director of Texas Institute of Dermatology in San Antonio.

Once the muscles contract, the skin folds and we therefore notice deep lines (wrinkles). These lines include: Glabellar (frown) lines that form between the eyebrows, lines along the nose (bunny lines), lines that stretch across the forehead, crow’s feet that fan outwards from the eyes, marionette lines around the mouth, lines around the lips and neck lines (turtle neck).

With skin aging, these lines gradually become deeper and deeper. If these wrinkles make you feel self-conscious or look older than you feel, BOTOX, Dysport or Zeomin injectables are ideal therapeutic options.
BOTOX treatments have been changing lives for over 10 years, BOTOX cosmetic was initially introduced in the United States by a dermatologic surgeon in 1991. According to a survey published by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery,  BOTOX and Dysport continues to be utilized by the majority of dermatologists; more than 1.2 million BOTOX and Dysport injections are safely performed.
As one of the top providers of BOTOX in San Antonio, Boerne, Hill Country and Corpus Christi areas, and as a member of Allergan’s  Brilliant Distinctions program, Texas Institute of Dermatology is pleased to offer you $50 off your first BOTOX treatment. If you would like to know whether BOTOX injectable is a right choice for you, please contact our office at 210-698-6777 or; mention discount code “Goo502012″ to receive our special. For more information on BOTOX click here.

Sometimes, BOTOX alone may not be enough to get rid of deep lines, additional procedures such as fractional Co2 laser resurfacing or Renew 360 are required in addition to BOTOX.  Most San Antonio citizens prefer to not have of an artificial frozen look and are hesitant to receive BOTOX or other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Ghohestani's unique approach to analyze your facial muscle movements before any injection ensure an excellent outcome that guarantees a natural look. Please bring your pictures when you were 5, and 10 years younger for the consultation.

Dysport and Xeomin have a very similar mechanism of action to Botox. According to Dr. Ghohestani, Dysport and Xeomin are good options for those who are getting Botox over years so their body is not used to Botox. Additionally, Dysport may provide better results for the crews feet (around the eyes).

If you look for something more permanent, tyou may consider Renew 360. Renew 360 is a novel approach in skin rejuvenation where each layer of skin is treated individually. Renew 360 offers a natural yet refreshed look and is recently developped by Dr. Ghohestani and his research team at Texas Institute of Dermatology. At Texas Institute of Dermatology cosmetic clinic, our top cosmetic dermatologists offer a comprehensive approach to maintain a natural look while rejuvenating the entire skin. For more information on how Botox and Renew 360 can help you to regain your youthful look, click here.

Texas Institute of Dermatology is one the top dermatology and skin care center in San Antonio and has received multiple awards based on patients reviews including 2010-2016 Patients' Choice Awards, Top San Antonio Doctor Award, the most compassionate Doctor Award, and Talk of the Town Award.